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Best material testing lab machines

PRO LAB is providing quality products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements by following reliable and continually improving processes
Our material testing lab machines include universal testing machines, compression testing machines, multi-speed testing machines, ceramic machines ,education sectors, furniture and scales. These machines are equipped with advanced technology and precision instruments to accurately measure the mechanical properties of various materials. Additionally, these labs often have state-of-the-art software that allows for data analysis and reporting to ensure reliable and comprehensive test results

We provide Latest testing equipments

We provide the latest road material testing equipment, such as asphalt testing machines, concrete testing machines, and soil testing machines. These pieces of equipment are designed to assess the quality and performance of road materials, ensuring their durability and safety. Our testing equipment is known for its high accuracy and efficiency, enabling engineers and researchers to make informed decisions regarding road construction and maintenance. 

Our Products

Precision Balances

Radwag balances are considered top quality with the highest precision needed

Materials Testing Systems

Besmak provide leading technology machines for material testing

Calibration Equipment

Laboratory Equipments

mikrotest devices assure accuracy and dependency and easy to use

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